The Travelling Suitcase Activity Pack

The Brief

"Create sustainable packs with a range of activities to keep children 2–8 years old engaged. To stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive marketplace."

Our Solution

TUI Group offers holidays to both long- and short-haul destinations. Customers come from a wide variety of countries and speak many different languages.

As the packs were to be provided across several airlines in the group, it was important to ensure activities were designed to be ‘language neutral’ wherever possible, so that the packs would be inclusive and engaging for all children, not just a select few. TUI have an industry-leading and award-winning sustainability programme, so it was also imperative that the packs adhered to these standards.

We created a new plane character and “Travelling Suitcase” theme, which is carried throughout the activities. Contained in the pack is a bespoke activity booklet featuring a large TUI plane colour-in, Spot the Difference, Holiday Maths, Suitcase Maze and Match the Flag, all of which provide a wide range of activities with educational value.

The long-haul version of the pack features an additional logic game, “Passenger Puzzler”, starring several characters. The game was specifically designed with a longer travel time in mind, as the multiple outcomes encourage repeat play.

Keeping children engaged across 5 European airlines.